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Последние статьи

  • Non-invasive preimplantation genetic screening using array comparative genomic hybridization on spent culture media: a proof-of-concept pilot study

    Michael Feichtinger, Enrico Vaccari, Luca Carli, Elisabeth Wallner, Ulrike Mädel, Katharina Figl, Simone Palini, Wilfried Feichtinger

    Reproductive BioMedicine Online

    Aneuploidy is the leading cause of implantation failure. Currently, the ability to identify euploid embryos from an available cohort is the Holy Grail in reproductive genetics. Currently, the standard practice for preimplantation genetic testing involves blastomere or trophoectoderm biopsy. Disadvantages include not only extra time, effort and expense for embryo biopsy, but also a concern for harming the embryo. Spent culture media has always attracted interest as a readily available sample which could reflect embryonic status. Feichtinger and co-workers report the use of spent culture media for assessment of embryonic euploidy by array comparative genomic hybridization in a proof of concept study. An interesting and potentially productive line of research, which could simplify preimplantation genetic screening and increase its uptake.

  • A revised prediction model for natural conception

    Alexandra J. Bensdorp, Jan Willem van der Steeg, Pieternel Steures, J. Dik F. Habbema, Peter G.A. Hompes, Patrick M.M. Bossuyt, Fulco van der Veen, Ben W.J. Mol, Marinus J.C. Eijkemans, on behalf of, CECERM study group (Y.M. van Kasteren, P.F.M. van der Heijden, W.A. Schöls, M.H. Mochtar, G.L.M. Lips, J. Dawson, H.R. Verhoeve, S. Milosavljevic, P.G.A. Hompes, L.J. van Dam, A.V. Sluijmer, H.E. Bobeck, R.E. Bernardus, M.C.S. Vermeer, J.P. Dörr, P.J.Q. van der Linden, H.J.M. Roelofs, J.M. Burggraaff, G.J.E. Oosterhuis, M.H. Schouwink, P.X.J.M. Bouckaert, F.M.C. Delemarre, C.J.C.M. Hamilton, M. van Hoven, M.H. Emanuel, C.N.M. Renckens, J.A. Land, J.H. Schagen-Van Leeuwen, J.A.M. Kremer, C. van Katwijk, M.H.A. van Hooff, H.J.H.M. Van Dessel, F.J.M. Broekmans, H.J.L.A. Ruis, C.A.M. Koks, P. Bourdrez, W.W.J. Riedijk, B.J. Cohlen).

    Reproductive BioMedicine Online

    The ability to predict a couple's chances of spontaneous conception over a certain period would be an invaluable asset for reproductive counselling. The Hunault Model, which is freely available on the web (https://www.freya.nl/probability.php) has been a useful tool, despite its limited generalizability to other settings than the Netherlands, where it was developed and validated. Bensdorp and co-authors herald a revised version after 10 years of its development, which now include more predictive variables resulting in generalizability to a wider population. The model needs to be validated and perhaps fine-tuned to local conditions.

  • Outcomes of immature oocytes collected from ovarian tissue for cryopreservation in adult and prepubertal patients

    Giovanna Fasano, Julie Dechène, Raffaella Antonacci, Jamila Biramane, Anne-Sophie Vannin, Anne Van Langendonckt, Fabienne Devreker, Isabelle Demeestere

    Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Volume 34, Issue 6, June 2017, Pages 575 - 582

    Fertility preservation for prepubertal girls is a challenge. Cryopreservation of ovarian cortical strips is the norm. Combination of ovarian tissue cryopreservation with vitrification of in vitro matured oocytes aspirated from the collected ovarian tissue is practiced in laboratories with experience in in vitro maturation. But is in vitro maturation is as successful in prepubertal girls as in adults. Fasano and co-workers provide some insight.

Популярные Презентации

How to Design a Study -Nikolaos P. Polyzos gives a comparison of various study designs, and considerations such as randomization procedures and ethical considerations.  

How to Write an Abstract - Paul Devroey suggests preferred types of abstract and study, explains how it is of paramount importance to initiate a correct study design, with retrospective and historical nature to be avoided.

How to Write a Scientific Article - Nikolaos P. Polyzos offers advice on how to create a meaningful title, and how to structure the article into a coherent abstract, material and methods, results, discussion.

How to Critically Appraise a Study - Nikolaos P. Polyzos states that you should not accept the conclusions of any paper without question, and provides guidance of how to question these conclusions.

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